Yumi Foot

Say goodbye to callouses with Yumi® Feet!


Do you suffer from rough, dry, calloused feet?  You are not alone, many of us have had our feet snag the bed sheets in the night and wear socks ALL the time to hide them.  Our feet and hands take a lot of abuse during the course of day. For the most part we take care of our hands with washing, scrubbing and the occasional lotion application.  However, our feet seem to be more neglected and in the winter they show this neglect more than ever. The cold weather and dry inside air takes a toll on our skin and our feet show this with the formation of callouses.  The good news is we are now offering a new treatment to turn back the clock on your feet and give them some much overdue attention.

With our new YUMI® Feet Treatment you can enjoy soft smooth skin again on the bottoms of your feet.  This revolutionary new treatment was the breakthrough product in France and is now offered in the US.  YUMI feet is designed to get rid of calluses in just 15 minutes. Think of it as a chemical peel for your feet. It removes the callosities in a painless, safe and fast way.    Unlike the razor blade technique (which is medically not recommended) the skin grows back softer with each treatment. The peel is customized specifically to your feet’s needs.

We offer two treatment options:

  • A standalone Yumi Feet Treatment which consists of the Yumi application, Buffing and Lotion (30 minutes).  
  • A combination treatment beginning with the Yumi treatment and adding our popular express pedicure.  

Both of these services leave your feet healthy and soft.  For optimum results we recommend you should receive a YUMI treatment once a month, depending on the severity of your callouses.  Call our Spa located in Troy, Michigan today to schedule your Yumi Feet treatment and give your feet the attention they deserve. 248-524-3622.

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