Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Enjoy your pregnancy with a Prenatal Massage! 

Carrying a child can be a joyous experience but it can always be stressful on your body and in some cases painful.  A massage during pregnancy has shown to offer several benefits such as:

  • Decrease back and leg pain, lower anxiety and improved sleep
  • Elevate headaches  
  • Decrease Sciatic nerve pain
  • Increase circulation and decrease edema or swelling of joints


A pregnancy massage can be enjoyed starting at the beginning of your 2nd trimester and all the way to your due date.   A doctor’s note is required before your first scheduled massage session.

We will start your massage discussing your concerns, aches, trouble areas and tailor it for what your changing body needs.   We use a side-lying position to cradle the belly and head comfortably. Warm towels are placed on the lower back and shoulders to help relax the muscles prior to working on them.  The style of massage you will receive is Swedish, moderate pressure, long/gliding strokes and gentle kneading. We check in with you throughout the massage to gage pressure and overall comfort.  We are also thoroughly trained to avoid certain trigger points that may cause contractions.  You want to ensure your massage therapist is fully trained in prenatal massage to ensure your safety and your baby. 

Prenatal massage isn’t for everyone. It is very important to ensure you have your doctor’s consent. Avoid a massage for high risk pregnancy, if you are feeling nausea, vomiting or morning sickness, experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure or severe headaches.  

All of our massage therapists are fully trained in prenatal massage applications. Take time to relax and allow your body to reap the benefits of natural healing.  Call today to schedule your appointment and enjoy this special time in your life. 248-524-0620

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