Now offering Lymphatic Massage Post Surgery

Now offering Lymphatic Massage Post Surgery

At Revitalize Plastic Surgery our body contouring goal is to provide you with a 360-degree approach treating you before, during and after your surgery. Lymphatic Massage is one of the post-surgery treatments we recommend reducing swelling, bruising and pain.  Lymphatic refers to the type of vessel, similar to a vein, that conveys lymph in the body. During a body contouring surgery, such as liposuction, fluid will build up in the areas that the cannula has been used to remove the fat.  With a lymphatic massage the fluid is drained by the lymphatics and returned into circulation. 


Receiving this massage shortly after surgery, (we recommend 2 weeks), helps to speed the healing process and can provide a smoother outcome to the area where liposuction was performed. This massage is not a deep tissue but rather a light touch. It may feel uncomfortable the first time due to the tenderness of the surgical area, but lymphatic massage has been shown to be the most effective way to reduce swelling and bruising caused by the procedure. 


This service is provided at Schenden’s Medical Day Spa. Our licensed massage therapists are fully trained in this type of massage and will work with you to help you heal and feel confident in your new body. Call today to schedule your appointment. 


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