Hydrafacial Keravive

Hydrafacial Keravive – Rejuvenate Your Scalp – Healthier Fuller Hair

Rejuvenate Your Scalp with Hydrafacial Keravive™: A Deep Dive into Hair Health

In the quest for radiant skin, we often overlook the importance of scalp health. That’s why Hydrafacial created its revolutionary treatment, Keravive. The treatment targets the scalp to promote healthier, fuller hair. But what exactly is Hydrafacial Keravive?

Hydrafacial Keravive combines the power of HydraFacial’s patented technology with a specially formulated serum to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the scalp. The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and dead skin cells, followed by a deeply nourishing serum infused with growth factors and peptides. Finally, a soothing scalp massage stimulates circulation and promotes the absorption of essential nutrients, leaving your scalp feeling rejuvenated and your hair looking revitalized.

The benefits of Hydrafacial Keravive extend beyond just aesthetics. By improving scalp health, this treatment addresses common issues such as dryness, flakiness, and excess oil production, which can contribute to hair thinning and loss. Additionally, the infusion of growth factors and peptides helps to strengthen hair follicles, promote hair growth, and improve overall hair texture and appearance. Whether you’re struggling with thinning hair or simply want to maintain a healthy scalp, Keravive offers a non-invasive solution that delivers noticeable results!

For best results, a series of 3 treatments is recommended.

According to Hydrafacial By visit 3…

  • 75% saw improvements in hair fullness
  • 70% reported improvements in overall appearance
  • 82% saw shinier healthier hair

Schenden’s Medical Day Spa in Troy, MI is now offering Hydrafacial Keravive to our clients! Keravive is more than just a beauty treatment – it’s a holistic approach to hair health that targets the root cause of common scalp issues. Call our spa at (248) 524-3622 to schedule your appointment or BOOK NOW online!

It’s time to say goodbye to scalp woes and say hello to luscious locks with Hydrafacial Keravive!

Before & After Photo Credit – Hydrafacial