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  • Para Medical Micro-Pigmentation Tattoo*
    Natural Unwanted scars on the skin can be camouflaged with this treatment. It is a form of permanent makeup tattooing that uniquely matches your skin tone to camouflage scars, hyper/hypo pigmentation, port wine stains, and birthmarks. This treatment should be completed after all surgical/laser scar treatments have been attempted.

Natural pigments implanted into the skin to enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips. Traditional tattoo method or Microblading available for the eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup*
Natual pigments implanted into the skin to enhance eyebrows, eyes and lipsMicroblading (Permanent Makeup)*
Microblading uses a hand-held tattoo pen with a unique blade to create very fine, precise hair strokes for the eyebrows.What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent Makeup, also referred to as micro-pigmentation, is a process where completely natural pigments are implanted beneath the top layer of skin, into the second layer of skin. This technique has been medically developed and uses pigments specially formulated for cosmetic application. Not to be compared with traditional tattooing, in which permanent skin dyes and inks are placed into the skin.Who Chooses Permanent Makeup?
Everyone from the young to the elderly, who desire a natural enhancement to their appearance. Women or men who have uneven, sparse or no eyebrows due to over plucking, aging, Chemotherapy treatments or Alopecia Areata. Women who find it difficult to apply makeup due to arthritis, tremors, paralysis, multiple sclerosis or vision limitations. Anyone who is allergic to conventional makeup. Women with an occupation that causes perspiration requiring makeup to be reapplied often. Women who have ultra-sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses, have sparse lashes.

Does the procedure hurt?

The level of discomfort varies according to each individual’s pain threshold. Topical anesthetics are used to numb the area and minimize discomfort. Most clients describe a pricking sensation.Is it safe?
Allergic reactions to permanent makeup procedures are extremely rare. The cosmetic pigments are made from completely natural ingredients, and disposable sterile needles and surgical gloves are used for each procedure. However, micro-pigmentation is a skin invasive procedure. It is important to consult an experienced professional technician who is licensed, qualified and conscientious.How long does each procedure take?
Times vary according to the individual’s sensitivity, hydration, density, elasticity, and overall condition of the skin. Allowing time for anesthetics to take effect, implanting of the pigment, and some final fine tuning of the procedure, average time for the initial visit is as follows: 1 + hours for eyeliner, 1-2 hours for eyebrows.How many appointments will be necessary?
Four to six weeks after the initial application, a follow-up visit may be required to perfect the lines or add additional colors. This visit does not require as much time as the initial procedure.What procedures are offered?
The most common areas are: lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, eyebrows, and areola tattooing.Is Permanent Makeup truly permanent?
A variety of factors influence the longevity of Permanent Makeup. Ultra-violet exposure from sun or tanning booths, various drugs, excessively dry skin, and smoking are all factors that may affect this. Alpha- hydroxy, Retin-A, and glycolic acid must be kept away from treated areas. These kinds of substances slough away top layers of the skin and eventually the layer that the pigment has been implanted into. Use of these kinds of substances will require additional maintenance in years to come. Sun block on eyebrows and sunglasses for eyeliner will greatly prolong the effective life of these procedures.