Do you want natural looking eyebrows?

Many of us are not blessed with the perfect eyebrow and with the ever changing beauty trends it is hard to know what’s in thin, full, or arched brows. There is now a new tattoo technique that will give you the look you desire and the look that many will not know is a tattoo. Microblading uses a hand-held tattoo pen with a unique blade to create very fine, precise hair like strokes. This technique offers a very natural looking brow. Older techniques can look stamped or be too thick. With microblading the pigment is placed more superficially in the skin therefore, results will last a year to 18 months, making it the ideal treatment with this ever-changing eyebrow phenomenon that we are obsessed with.

Our aesthetician Rose has performed brow tattooing for over 15 years and is highly qualified to perform microblading.

Call today for your free consultation and let Rose help you achieve the perfect brow.

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