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Or are you just calling yourself werewolves because you took a fake test that says so and you have anger issues and a craving for meat? A werewolf refers to the idea of a person being able to transform themselves into a wolf and assume wolf-like mannerisms. His bones were also crushed with stones to ensure that the great pain he suffered was enough to convince him to ‘confess’ of all his sins. Though for some, it is a curse. For everyone else, a bite is required, and that bite is usually deadly, especially if the person is physically weaker than other humans. Those who support this theory point to the fact that victims of rabies can pass the disease on to others if they bite another individual. Tags recognizing a werewolf, signs of a werewolf, spotting a werewolf in human form, werewolf lore, werewolf myth, werewolf traits; 15 Comments on Is That A Werewolf?! The court tried to make Thiess confess to witchcraft and werewolf transformation through a pact with the devil, but he was firm in his answer. That they are a werewolf? But I’ve done my own kind of research about sine recent things that’s been going on. There are also accounts of children who were cursed to hunt as werewolves if they grew up in abusive homes. He confessed to the crime of werewolf transformation, but gave the courts an unexpected twist. It is thought that some individuals with lycanthropy believe they have the ability to transform into a werewolf because they need internal justification for their violent tendencies or cannibalistic desires. There are also tales that suggest that werewolves could be spotted in their human form by their uncontrollable rage.

Although it is very commonly linked to werewolves, they aren't all vulnerable to silver or other traditional weaknesses. One of the commentors here said they drink blood(gross) so does that mean that the only difference between wolves and vampires is werewolves can turn into a wolf and have LESS self control? They’re now a lycan with a human form … The heads of the revenants were then thrown into a river. At the end of the 1800’s a new belief came into existence – revenants. Though for some, it is a curse. Werewolves resemble ordinary humans in their day to day lives, though they are considerably stronger and faster even when not transformed.

It is thought that the Catholics may have accused Stumpp so they could persuade other converts to reconsider their change in religion – or suffer the same fate. I bit a kid when I was n elementary school and drew blood. Do some side effect also include muscle acheing and you hear and smell becoming stronger then normal, @Draco yes they do some include increase of hearing and smell better eyesight and a big craving for meat, I think i mite be a werewolf because i took this test and it seid im 91% werewolf but im 12 can you halp me, ok quizes are fake they can not determine if your a werewolf or not, Hello, I am so glad I have found this group I have all of the symptoms I have found online had and more I have a huge connection to the moon I can’t sleep when it’s a full moon amazing sense of smell, sight, hearing really sharp teeth I have two cats my eldest cat only trusts me she sleeps with me only let’s me touch her (werecat are real to). Olivier (Heartcatch Precure! We hide because some jerk like you would post some shit like this and make people curious and stick their noses where they do not belong. There are some that think werewolf transformation tales could have arose from the spread of rabies.

2. Many historians believe this was a way to explain the violent and cannibalistic impulses of predatory serial killers in the Middle Ages. Favorite Answer. We were watching Twilight and I’m just there sitting really uncomfortable while they fan girl. Werewolves, while human, have a very different look that other… Every last one of them.

Gosh… Im surprised my friends haven’t even noticed. There are many different versions and variations of werewolves, but many of these stories involve the transformation of a sinner into a wolf.

Many areas where Christianity was the dominant religion tell of werewolf transformations through an alliance with the Devil. Elena has shown abnormal control of her transformation, as she cannot be involuntary transformed by pain, fear or inebriation and can stop her transformation if it starts, which is impossible for other werewolves who start their transformation, as the moment it starts, it cannot be stopped by any will of the werewolf or change in circumstance. Werewolves are very driven by their emotions and may experience involuntary transfor… It was thought that the weight of the sins of the revenant would keep the head at the bottom of the river and prevent them from coming back as again. Due to a parasitic agent developed from the food in McDonaldland, all of the women from there (Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland) gain wolf-characteristics - as well as super strength, super senses, etc. That day he seem really annoyed and his nana and him said it is better at night.

To see if Zeus really was all-powerful and all-knowing, Lycaon killed his own son and served his roasted flesh to Zeus. My hearing is extraordinary, one small sound I’m up like a bullet, when I’m out for a nice walk I smell everything, hear everything and I’m usually bear foot. Updates? After the crowd was finally satisfied with the suffering of Peter Stumpp, he was beheaded and his body – along with the body of his daughter and mistress – were burned for all to see. Corrections? Werewolves are demihumans who are granted superhuman abilities by their lycanthropy. The most common are: 1. impossible - the human body (at its full size) cannot ingest that much food Werewolves are creatures than transform from human form into wolves. List of Supernatural Powers and Abilities.

Updated June 13, 2010 Identification of a werewolf in human form is quite difficult, and there is no one way to tell.

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