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Apigee was designed to turn legacy monoliths into APIs that can be consumed by third parties. Let’s focus on the following part (the configuration for Product API): Note: Do you remember two 2 services (APIs) that we already created at the beginning of the article?

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Ocelot describes the routing of one request to another as a ReRoute. If the gateway includes such features, are features like the developer portal have a good user experience and design

It also has support for XML->JSON, JSON->XML, JSON Schema Validation. One of the biggest concerns using AWS API Gateway is vendor lock in. Instead of relying on extra plugins and Lua scripts, Tyk is more of a batteries included API Gateway. , Kong has the concept of services,


Providing a developer portal for customers and partners to create API tokens, deprecate tokens, etc. It’s a good project that is solving a lot of caching problems.

The open source Taking about Apache vs Nginx, both of the web servers process static and dynamic contents differently. Feel free to contact me if you have different ideas. Of course, more suitable if you are using Microsoft Azure and has good support for Azure functions. Are there plugins?

Basically, it is used for the following purposes: When building a large and complex system using the microservices architecture with multiple client apps, a good approach to consider is API Gateway Pattern. One can leverage API gateways to help deliver the API with high availability in mind to your customers and partners. In such use cases, API gateways can take a legacy SOAP service, apply data transformation to the API such as transforming from SOAP to REST and JSON to XML).

I’ll explain a little bit about the configuration above. Some of the API gateways have large developer communities building scripts, questions answered on Stack Overflow, etc. There are so many API Gateway frameworks from “Open Source” to “Commercial” — you have to buy license or subscription like NGNIX, Kong, Tyk, APIGee…. , The company behind it, Tyk.io provides a cloud hosted version and professional support licenses. It is not open source, and is built on enterprise Java. Update request headers to provide the Token. It enables multiple independent teams to work on a large application without stepping over each other or dealing with long deployment times.

Then map the authentication provider key to a ReRoute in your configuration. While they do have an extension list, Tyk doesn’t have as large of a community or the plugin hub that Kong has. Is it a single node appliance or does the gateway require running many types of nodes to get going and setting up database? You will need to download and install IdentityServer4.AccessTokenValidation package from NuGet server.

Over the past few years, applying Microservices Architecture instead of Monolithic in software design has become very popular. We also can modify the error message and HttpStatusCode by using the following options: Currently, Ocelot is supporting Caching by using CacheManager project ( https://github.com/MichaCo/CacheManager). NGINX is highly extensible and is the basis for servers such as OpenResty, which builds upon NGINX with Lua to create a powerful web server and framework. It also simplifies client codes. This pattern provides a single entry-point for group(s) of microservices. These days, its becoming far more critical for B2B companies to transition to platforms as customers and partners demand more customization and integrations.

, Besides, here is the list of features that we can do with Ocelot: Increasing adoption of Microservices Architecture and API first technology has introduced an array of different API Gateway/Management products. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. Let’s imagine, you want to visit Buckingham palace — a famous palace in London.


Because developers have to update the API Gateway if want to expose their APIs to external.

Note: We can have several API Gateways in one application. Let’s config Payment API by appending “configuration.json” file. Feature wise, it is comparable to Kong. Step 1.

Such API platforms are built by API first companies like Stripe or Twilio and also companies with developer platforms such as Github or Twitter. This is a way to restrict access to a ReRoute on a per scope basis.

Kong easily scales horizontally. Ocelot is aimed at people using .NET running a micro-services / service orientated architecture who need a unified point of entry into their system. Express API Gateway is a new entry build by LunchBadger, it is completely open source and based on extremely popular Node.js Express framework. (true/false), Period: This value specifies the period that the limit applies to, such as 1s, 5m, 1h,1d and so on.

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