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Lynn Jurich (/ˈdʒʊərɪtʃ/[1]; born c. 1979)[2] is an American businesswoman and investor who is the co-founder and CEO of Sunrun,[3] a home solar power installation, financing, and leasing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. When we started Sunrun, 100% of people told me it was a mistake and that I was crazy to leave my job in private equity, but I believed in the possibility to power our entire world with the sun and wanted to build a community to do it. Lynn Jurich, who runs the consumer solar power company Sunrun, dated Brad Murray in secret for more than a year before they finally got hitched. In business school at Stanford, I met my classmate and future co-founder Ed Fenster. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path? The original thesis was: Solar is getting really cheap, technology is getting more and more distributed (and) the whole energy industry can be reshaped with renewables and distributed renewables. This is how Ginni describes Mark’s response: “He said, do you think a man would have answered the question that way? They love it. This is a centralized location in which you can go through the life span of various epitomes in respective fields. They married in the middle of their second year. Marissa Mayer tied the knot with Zachary Bogue in 2009. “If the ops meeting runs late, I don't have to pick [my children] up at daycare,” she reportedly said. Ahrendts is married to her childhood sweetheart, Gregg Couch. Today, the company is one of the most successful solar companies in the US. I’ve made so many mistakes, and I’m still making mistakes! People are hiding from climate challenges, but we must tackle them head-on and from a place of optimism. Work hard. 3. Padmasree Warrior and her husband, Mohandas (Mohan) Warrior met at Delhi’s prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. And I went in the next day and I took that job.”. Q What do you tell young women who want to become entrepreneurs? Times Internet Limited. I had the pleasure to interview Lynn Jurich, the CEO of Sunrun, the leading residential solar company in America. But how to support each other’s entrepreneurial dreams? “The emotional demands of starting two companies at once and hitting the same stages simultaneously seemed daunting,” Jurich says. Just a different world perspective.

They’ve instituted “core values” in the relationship--love, joy and simplicity--kept posted in the kitchen. I wanted to create something at scale to help us use our resources more efficiently to support global growth. I write about business and women's leadership. While here, I assistant edited…. Two months after graduating Stanford business school and leaving a lucrative venture capital career, I found myself standing next to a giant pumpkin at a county fair outside of Sacramento. In terms of leasing versus owning, we still believe that for the most part, delivering energy as a service is the mainstream way consumers want to buy it. There aren’t many trillion dollar markets for achieving both financial and social impact. Meg Whitman is married to Griffith R. Harsh IV, a neurosurgeon from St. Louis, Missouri. [4], Jurich co-founded Sunrun in 2007 with Stanford Graduate School of Business classmate Ed Fenster and Nat Kreamer. They wanted to tackle a potentially huge market. I spent five years at Forbes writing about business and leadership, attracting nearly one million unique visitors to each month. Before that, Murray worked in private equity and graduated from Harvard Business School. Are you working on any exciting new projects? It was a really special experience to have her support, both physically and emotionally. [11] That same year, Inc. Magazine named Lynn as one of the top 100 Female Founders. Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? 8 Questions for Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich Think long-term, in terms of decades and not years. A My advice to women typically is two things: One is to get really comfortable with money and finances and not to be intimidated by it. Jurich has one child. With a plan in place, they wed during their second year of B-school over a long President’s Day weekend. Can you share a story about that? [4], Jurich was named one of the Ten Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune magazine in 2009,[5] and received the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Northern California region and was a national finalist together with SunRun co-founder Ed Fenster. Of Republicans, it’s 84 percent. Lynn Jurich, chief executive of Sunrun Inc. Jan Sturmann for The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance. You have to just recognize that, hey, I can just ask questions. Sunrun has about 100,000 customers in 15 states, including California. He said, I know you. Lynn Jurich, the chief executive of the residential solar company Sunrun, starts every morning with a mantra: “All people and all circumstances are my allies.” It’s a relentlessly positive outlook, and one that has served her well as she overachieved her way from the …

Rotational Spectroscopy – Legendshub Blog, How to flourish as starter in high disruptive retail business – Legendshub Blog. Now, I think we see this really appealing more to a mainstream consumer. [2], Choose currencyU.S. My job is to make that experience easy and accessible. Tirosh has also been a soccer coach in Palo Alto, California, according to Bloomberg. I wound up pitching a woman who ran her own trucking company. Jurich jumped full-time into fundraising and marketing to new customers. Luckily, Lynn was able to succeed and took the company public in 2015, ringing the bell with her one-month-old baby on her hip. We believe that a customer-centered energy future, where people have access to affordable, reliable power generated on their own rooftops, will meet those needs. Many others now recognize that rooftop solar and distributed solar may be one of the fastest ways to switch the energy away from fossil and on to renewable.

Be straightforward. Paul Romer, an economist who was recently awarded the Nobel Prize, says “My sense is that optimism is part of what helps motivate people attack a hard problem.

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