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Now, my question….

The first trip to AutoZone and using his AutoZone Rewards Card, he purchased $31.97 worth of merchandise, which included a Duralast Tie Rod End, and 2 cans of Fix-a-Flat (this stuff ranks right up there with Duct tape!) So, now I’m looking, and looking hard, at the receipts he brought home. Check Balance On Autozone Card. That’s when I made the discovery….

This comment has been removed by the author. So when the tool is returned and asked for cash back you'll have your money back. The number of Credits necessary to earn a Reward at each AutoZone store is determined by AutoZone.

(Please note: this is a re-post from my other blog. First trip he purchases $31.97 in eligible items to earn his $20 AutoZone Reward. We aren't AutoZone employees and don't have access to your account. I’m hoping they make this right with us. Purchasing $39.84 in additional physical merchandise, $12 tool rental deposit, and $20 credit from redeeming the Rewards, balance of $35.47 paid for with our debit card, is on receipt # 009993 Str Trans # 911543 Store # 0706.3. They cheerfully refund his deposit on the loaner, but he has to go to another AutoZone store nearby because they have the Tie Rod End Puller he actually needs.

how many credits do i have or purchases over 20.00 using the rewards card. Autozone Merchandise Credit Balance. This is an unfair practice in my opinion, as this shorted our bank account $12.84! Points can be redeemed starting July 31, 2012. So, in my fury, I sent a “comment” to AutoZone using their Contact Us link. Also we able to Gift Card balance online through our E-mail and Chat Services at The AutoZone Gift Card can be used, both in-store and online, for buying spare parts and auto accessories. How do i check the the balance on my autozone reward card. Here’s the heart of the beef… and it’s beating loudly…. Grand total is $51.84. Which means you actually would have got your money returned plus some of the tax ($00.16). Overpaid credit card, they closed my account ? is this rental deposit going to again be refunded to the Rewards Card?

I’m looking at these receipts, and there’s purchases and credits, so I sit the dear husband down and have him explain his AutoZone adventures to me so I make sure everything is recorded correctly in the checkbook. On top of this, he’s paying a $12 deposit on a Loaner Tool, which they will refund when he returns the loaner tool. Find answers now! Rewards used during a transaction and Rewards are not exchangeable for cash and that’s are not capable of being combined or transferred to any other type of AutoZone reward except in AutoZone's sole. Have you tried going to their website and seeing if you can see your rewards online? AUTOZONE AND IT’S AUTOZONE REWARDS PROGRAM IS A SCAMMING BUNCH OF F***ING TRASH!! Have you been looking for a loan over the years or has your local banks turn you down due to bad credit card?

Actually they didn't take a thing in the end. Total, $51.84, excluding tax. On average these cards give about 1% cash back. To determine the balance available on AutoZone Gift Card, simply visit the AutoZone stores and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Autozone Credit Card. Though I would've honestly asked for cash back to save confusion. All points expire on October 21, 2012, 12:01 central time and unused points will be lost.

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