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Elderly donkeys make you visit the doctor more for their dental and respiratory problems. Donkeys are found in grey, brown, black and mixed colours. Parrish, FL Member American Farriers Association. He really doesn't kick until the farrier is working on his back feet. Provide them proper shelter in the rain and wet conditions and they will never get diseased. But if you are thinking of buying hay you may have to suffer a cost of $3 or maybe upper bale. (312) 961-2334  Association, Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Also, lots of farriers like to yell or hit an animal that is “misbehaving”. Working with you to keep your competitive horse sound. Performance and Halter. & Jefferson counties in WV. Naples, FL

That is all about owing and monthly expenses of the donkey. Osteen, FL Centralia, MO A farrier at the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

$25 per month. In severe cases, your farrier should work with a vet to make sure that the work does not cause any instability to the hoof.

Over the years as a general farrier, I have been called upon to perform hoof care on these gentle extensions of many families, and have always viewed the task as being very character building. Sycamore Lane Inc. provides quality farrier services to Michigan

Call for more information & rates. 954-557-1369 Electric costs, especially int he winter for heating tanks, can get very high.

& surrounding counties. Sarasota, FL

321-243-7557 Advice for donkey owners and Donkey Guardians worried about caring for their animals during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Corrective & therapeutic shoeing.

706-424-7565. 701-843-7983, Natural Balance Shoeing & trimming.

Plastic 90 cm fencing stakes (based on one square acre that has solid fencing around the perimeter), 15 posts if field is square: £35, Electric fencing tape (200 metre roll): £24, Grooming kit (dandy brush, body brush, plastic curry comb, hoof pick, tray/basket, cotton swabs, sponges, scissors): £25, Vet call out and exam fee per visit: £40 to £80. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

After You’ve Bought Your Donkey, More Expenses Follow!

hot/cold - all types of horses all needs; corrective/therapeutic work & hoof repair. Living cost, feeding cost and medical cost is a major part in owing donkey. Sanford, NC

available, Graduate of the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School, Certified Hot & Cold Shoe Farriers, (Graduated from Shur Shod Farrier School, Certified Natural HoofCare and Barefoot Trimmers, BWFA certified farrier. They aren’t! Shoes, trims, most breeds, ponies, minis, etc.

Jason Wayne Hunter Southeast. Certified Farrier, Michelle Bevelock sites. 1989 Specializing in standard trims and shoeing to the most advanced corrective procedures and lameness. Owner and manufacture of Hoof Pro & Best Secret Products.

A horse that requires sepcialized shoes, careful balancing, complex care or has a disease could lead to a higher price. upscale trims, basic shoes or Prices start at around $300 for one donkey and can go up to $2,000-3,000, and even higher. Serving Allegheny, Please be aware that any veterinary treatment for health problems can sometimes cost between hundreds and thousands of pounds. 606-831-1100, No job too small or large~ Minis to drafts.

McMinville, Corvallis, Silverton, Stayton, Be advised that donkeys are very social animals, so if you get one, you’ll need another one.

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