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The ideal tent would feature adjustable ventilation options for all circumstances, including plentiful mesh panels on the inner so it can be pitched alone in hot weather and allow a good breeze to come through. And as I was composing my unsolicited comment, immediately to the right on the page was an ad for HOTHOUSES! 1. All the MSR tents we’ve ever tested are beautifully made, and their quality components are worth the spend if you want a tent that will last you for years of outdoor adventures. This wasn’t so easy in sand and the fly needs to fit over the tent frame perfectly to be able to pull it away. Three season tents, on the other hand, are built to withstand the full scope of spring, summer, and fall. Like Mike says it is useful to be able to put the outer up first. The ‘Blow ‘by Hannah, a czech company I’ve just found this website and I am glued to it! The Mineret is perfect for two, and sometimes I take it on solo tours, but at 3.2kg (15 years old and still bomb proof), it borders on extravagant. Got to be freestanding! I like to think that you get a lot more Reliablity for the extra 500 gram. Sturdy! The Y-shape design gives a nice amount of space to sit up, and the grey inner material makes the tent feel light and airy (although if you’re a light sleeper you might want to pick a darker tent). What’s Really The Difference Between Bikepacking & Cycle Touring? A 2‑berth tent suited me fine.

We shortlisted the best options with varying qualities to help you find the perfect tent for your next bike touring adventure. Planned this summer with my dad in France, contrary to this list we’ve gone with Robens challenger 2 tents, which come with their own dry bags! I travel a lot so the size it packs down to is very important to me as is the weight.

Check out our, For more of our top bike touring gear recommendations, check out the, Weighing in at under 3 pounds and packing up into a relatively compact bag, it’s perfect for strapping onto your bike and hitting the road. It was great to find this spot and then just put it up there. this is great thanks. I’ve got the Terra Nova Voyager too, it’s a great tent for bike camping tours. We know plenty about what bike is right for you and with a wide variety of bikes in stock, we have a bike to suit your needs and price. Bike and Hike may have two stores in small towns but we think BIG! Any tent worth its salt will keep its occupants dry. Some might consider its non-freestanding design a negative, but in the type of climate and terrain it’s designed for, staking it out really shouldn’t be a problem if you choose your pitch accordingly. Hi Tom my favourite is the Hilleberg Soulo. It’s an excellent tent, but too big for single expeditions. You can easily share the weight by splitting up the poles, stakes and tent shell, which will leave each of you carrying less than 1lb of shelter weight. Being Wild Country (a branch of Terra Nova), the quality is exceptional, and all for about £90 or less if you shop about. We’ve also listed the tents’ dimensions when packed up for travel and the dimensions of the floors when the tents are set up. Would be interested to hear your thoughts and any pros/cons. The only issue worth a mention is that it’s not freestanding ie. Hello, what are the Kharki coloured tents in the article thumbnail pls. The perfect tent would: The less weight you’re carrying, the nimbler and more enjoyable to ride your bike will be while you’re on it, and the more manageable it’ll be while you’re off it. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The mesh material serves more than just your eyes, though! Yes – Terra Nova haven’t responded to any of the emails I’ve sent them over the years with various enquiries.

The 300, with an RRP of £185, can also be found at Amazon* and Go Outdoors. The tarptent, is half the weight, and super simple to put up, freestanding, and brilliantly ventilated. Long-term riders especially therefore tend to choose tents whose durability has proven itself over time. I’ve spent a long time – too long, probably – looking at the trends over the years. It may be the heaviest tent in our round-up, but if you’re happy to sacrifice light weight for extra space, this roomy offering from Berghaus could be a good choice. The advantage of this is the poles are compact yet when joined together they form a flexible yet strong structure. Where Is It Possible To Explore On A Bicycle? I almost decided to get a big agnes copper spur 3 for crossing Europe with my gf next near. I’ve been using a Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 for about 5 years in all weathers, and it’s been great as a bikepacking tent. We are planning to camp all the way, although not sure if it will be ok in SE Asia yet but anyway.. Would this tent be good in case of cold nights and also good for hot climates? Our bike and hike camps are the perfect choice for getting in touch with the nature. Hi tom, great website, rich with relevant information. I mainly stay in campgrounds.

T-Style designs use two varying lengths of aluminium poles.

But I’d like to make it clear to all — you won’t be holding a disco or having your mates round for a brew. I was wondering if you’d thought about the Mont Moondance 2? Is goof for summer, letting the door open a little. If used in conjunction with the rainfly, a mesh inner allows for airflow which decreases the chance of condensation forming. What’s The Best Tent For Cycle Touring & Bikepacking? We stock items from the vendors all over and, if you have special requests (and you’re nice), we’ll even do the legwork on other specialty items you might be looking for. I guess too I was used to the toughness of the Macpac Apollo (no longer around).

Season: 4-Season.

As the name suggests, a backpacking tent is designed to be carried in your rucksack or your bike panniers, so it should be as lightweight and compact as possible. The North American models all come with a grey rainfly, but in Europe green rainfly versions are also available (and I’d recommend this for more inconspucious wild camping). Customer service didnt answer my emails, and I thought the service was shocking. But, I have to admit that the search ended with TLDR. It’s a HUGE 4‑person, center pole tent made of parachute material, so it stuffs down to about the size of a softball on steroids.

Bought on price match from Go-outdoors. Tents with an external frame use poles that snap together to form the skeleton (structure) of the frame. Can I just cast another vote for the humble, inexpensive and very compact Gelert Solo. We really do love bikes and all of the stuff that makes riding a way of life. Vango’s Banshee Pro range of 3‑season tents is a step up in quality and features, coming in a good shade of green for wild-camping and providing ample living and storage space while remaining on the lightweight side of things. Heading out when there may be some wind and wild weather? You can get your pannier bags inside alongside your sleeping bag and 1 or 2 in the porch. Because one major goal of most bikepacking tents is to reduce weight and therefore size, some one person tents are quite small. For solo efforts I have reverted to the terra nova Jupiter bivvy and a tarp. Then come back to this article. The 200 is ideal for a soloist at 2.39kg, and the 300 at 2.82kg is good for a couple. Great!

Love my Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1. If you haven’t asked them of yourself, now’s the time to do so. The tent also features a small vestibule allowing you to store your packs and any other small items you want to keep dry. I used the Terra Nova Voyager XL 2 on a recent tour of Europe. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t mind a little extra weight, and still want the REI brand assurance and warranty, check out the heavier yet significantly cheaper Half Dome 2 Plus. Welcome! The 1.75kg 2‑berth version of the Spark will house you and your partner, or just you if you want a bit of space, at a very reasonable weight for the price. For more of our top biking gear recommendations, check out the Best Stoves for Bikepacking. I didn’t encounter any harsh conditions though, but it seems to be a fairly durable tent indeed. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium.

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