Benefits of Regular Massages

Many of us view massage as a luxury and a chance to unwind from a stressful situation. However, massage has so much more to offer the body and is something that you should consider making a routine instead of a once in a while.  Massage can be used to help heal the body but can also be viewed as a preventative modality.

When exposed to stress our bodies react in several ways. The most common is tensing of the muscles. Many of us tend to “hold” our muscles throughout our daily activities.  Our bodies hold this tension in multiple areas such as our shoulders, neck, face, jaw, hands, feet and low back. Every person is different and a qualified licensed massage therapist’s goal is to find the area where you are holding the tension and release it.  Regular massage keeps these trigger points in a more relaxed state reducing the tension in your body. Tension headache sufferers can benefit greatly from regular massage therapy.  Preventative massage decreases our tension and it also offers many other internal benefits to our body. Such as:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes healthy posture
  • Improves energy
  • Increases mental strength
  • Reduces stress, which improves immunity

If you suffer from muscle/tension problems your therapist will recommend frequent visits until the area is healed but why stop then.  For all the benefits of preventative massage we recommend getting a massage every 4 weeks for stress relief as well as to address any potential musculoskeletal dysfunction from every day ‘wear and tear’.    If you know that you can’t commit to a monthly program, we suggest scheduling a massage each time the seasons change throughout the year.   This is a way to boost your immunity (massage therapy has been scientifically proven to boost t-cells) as your body acclimates to each change the year brings.  

Our highly qualified massage therapist work under our Medical Director, Dr. Michael J. Schenden and will work with you to ensure your massage is not only relaxing but a treatment to improve your overall health. Call today to schedule your appointment. 248-524-3622.