Body Contouring- Combination Treatments Work 


We all have those “problem” areas that don’t go away with diet and exercise. The aesthetic world also has many different treatment options available to battle these areas.  Non-surgical treatments to treat cellulite and tighten skin take time and are not quick easy fixes. The most effective noninvasive treatments need to be completed in a series with follow up maintenance.  We spoke with Bonnie to learn her approach to body contouring. Learn why our clients love working with her and see results. 


It begins at the consultation when I can see what the issues are by looking and touching the problem areas to determine the stages of cellulite and other things like, dimpling, needed inch loss, contour for proportion, excess bulges, and sagging due to gravity.  Most women and men have a combination of these.   Velashape III™ generates radiating light that heats up and moves through space,  this results in shrinkage and some tightening of the skin.  I still consider Endermologie™ the best on the market for working antigravity, contour, and the reduction of the appearance of cellulite.  I feel that if the cellulite is a stage 3-4, they need Endermologie first.  If I reduce that drastically, the radiating heat of the Velashape III will move through the space more effectively and they will achieve a better long term result.  This approach is showing great results and client satisfaction is high.


If the client is in a hurry and anxious about getting a quick result for an event.   I will alternate treatments every other week. Velashape is a bi weekly treatment.  The Velashape treatment is still working for you during week two.  The second week I perform Endermologie on the surrounding area as you do not want to interfere with the Velashape treatment area. This approach is better suited for the less severe cases and a quick fix solution.  


The number of treatments vary depending on the severity of the area.  This is determined at the time of consultation. If minimal cellulite exists and light to moderate skin tightening is the goal, typically I would recommend 6-8 Endermologie treatments and three Velashape treatments.  If cellulite is severe and more skin tightening is needed, then 10-12 Endermologie treatments and 6 Velashape treatments are recommended.  Usually half way through the treatment regiment, we will reevaluate the progress and make adjustments if necessary.  


Once we achieve the desired outcome, maintenance along with proper diet and exercise are required to ensure our bodies keep the results.  Our maintenance guidelines for Endermologie is a 1 hour treatment every month.  Velashape requires an hour treatment every 3 months.  If you are eating right and exercising, this program may be maintained for 2 years.  Our bodies will continue to age and our metabolism changes with age and lifestyle. Results are variable. 


At Schenden’s Medical Day Spa, we offer complimentary consultations on all of our body contouring treatments.  Call us today to schedule your appointment and let us help you feel confident with your body. 248-524-3622. 


Schenden’s Medical Day Spa with Bonnie Kosovec, LPN/Body Contouring

Let’s talk About Endermologie & Cellulite

Just about 90% of women, over the age of 20, begin to develop cellulite or actually already have it. Due to this, spa procedures to help reduce cellulite have really increased! Endermologie is a great way to tackle this annoying issue us women & men face. Even though you cannot rid yourself of cellulite completely, Endermologie massively improves the appearance of those bumps & lumps!

What is the Endermologie treatment?

Endermologie is process of reducing cellulite by mechanical means, using rolling, massaging and manipulation of the tissues.

Endermologie is a non surgical and is the first cellulite treatment approved by the FDA! Endermologie helps improves circulation, relieve minor aches in your muscles, even  improves skin radiance and skin tone.



Cellulite, what are you? Why are you here?!

Right off the bat, Cellulite you suck, and honestly, what are you? You may have heard it be called the “orange peel effect”. This can be on all places of both men & women’s bodies, from our thighs to the backs of our arms.  Mostly where it is found though, is on the the backs of our things. It dimples in, giving our skin that uneven appearance, even in the best case of lighting scenarios. Thankfully, it is painless though, so we can’t complain there.  It’s caused by fat cells beneath our skin that trap toxins and retain water. The action of the massaging machine during Endermologie, breaks down water and toxins, and the fat cells, allowing the lymphatic system to drain it. (hooray!) While you cannot entirely get rid of cellulite, there are things to help you better understand cellulite entirely.

Diet – CARBS- cellulites biggest fan! Eating too much carbohydrates, fat and salt can increase your cellulite. Something that can help is to try eating more fibre enriched foods. This can have a small impact on the appearance of cellulite overall.

Clothes – Oddly enough, restricting your blood flow by wearing overly tight clothing can affect your cellulite. It also shows the appearance more of it too. So looser clothes can help to better the circulation here as well. 

Genes & Hormones – Your genetic characteristics, something you can’t change, has an affect on this as well. Things like a slow metabolism or a poor circulatory system could mean you are at a higher risk for getting cellulite. Many people have also come to believe that certain hormones (prolactin, estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, and thyroid hormones) do have a big part in the production and development of cellulite.

Exercising & dieting.

No- there isn’t a “Cure” for cellulite per-say, but yes! Having a balanced, healthy, and well rounded diet combined with routine exercise will only be in your favor when trying to tackle cellulite. Combining these things will truly increase your results overall when you begin and continue your Endermologie treatments.

Come in for a consultation and we can discuss all of these things with you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will definitely help your all over results with Endermologie, and we highly recommend it!


Summer short season, no worries, get smoother, firmer skin with VelaShape® III

Most of us have a love of summer which brings sunshine, outdoor parties, wedding, graduations and more. However, summer also means warmer temperatures and less clothing covering our bodies like shorts, dresses and swimsuits.  Let’s face it most of us are not supermodels who can walk around with confidence in this clothing. An estimated 85% to 98% of women over the age of 16 have cellulite regardless of their size, shape or weight. Even the fit athlete can suffer from dimples and cellulite or a stubborn area that doesn’t respond to exercise.  For us there is the VelaShape III body contouring system.  This new technology can smooth and tighten skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite in an easy noninvasive treatment.

Velashape uses three processes to achieve the desired results.  Infrared light which directly heats the targeted area.  Bipolar frequency guides the heat for faster safe temperatures without damaging the skin and the vacuum elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source.  A single treatment usually is complete in less than an hour depending on the size of the treated area. Most non-invasive body contouring devices are series based as is VelaShape III. It is recommended you receive 4 to 6 treatments for maximum results.   You will begin to notice improvement on the treated area right away as your skin’s surface begins to feel smoother and firmer.   Maximum results are typically seen in approximately 10 weeks.  Following your treatment regimen, it is recommended that you receive maintenance treatments every 2 to 3 months. Like all techniques, invasive or non-invasive, results vary depending on the physical condition of the skin and body. Results will last longer if you follow a balance diet and exercise regimen.

Many clients describe treatment experience as similar to a hot massage.  Our technicians work with you to ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.  The VelaShape treatment is safe and effective for all skin types. The treatment works with heat therefore the treated areas skin temperature will rise. You may experience a bit of tenderness and may slightly bruise post treatments. After your series is complete a maintenance program is recommended to maintain the results.

Put your shorts on with confidence this summer. We are open six days a week and offer free consultations. Our highly trained technicians will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals.



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