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Nail polish is the critical component needed for a girl to get a manicure. With the popularity of nail design soaring more so today, than ever before, the competitive market for polish has sky rocketed. That being said, your average woman wants to schedule an appointment to indulge herself at the spa, she is already overwhelmed by the impressive color wall that you have to offer her, but has no insight on the product available to her. You ask her, “shellac, vinylux, or polish?” a quizzical look will pop up onto her face, and she will just agree with the first option you presented her with. What is the difference?

Vinylux provides one full week of wear, enhanced durability, and self adhering Color Coat followed by Vinylux Top Coat to shield and protect the Color Coat, for a chip-free, high-shine wear. It dries in 8 ½ minutes, and removes easily with a moisturizing acetone remover. There is no need for a base coat, and it will not stain healthy nails. For dry or peeling nails, a thin layer of RidgeFX will be applied prior to Vinylux application. Vinylux is designed to work like a regular polish; no lamp needed, and colors can be mixed together to create new colors.
Shellac provides 14+ day wear, high gloss shine, zero dry time, and removal in 5 minutes with a moisturizing acetone remover. Shellac 14+ day nail color has a three step process.

  • Shellac Base Coat is applied and cured for 10 seconds in a LED or UV lamp.
  • Shellac Color Coat is applied and cured for 1 minute in a LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  • Shellac Top Coats (2) should be cured for 1 minute in a LED lamp, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp, and can be used with additives, nail art, and embellishments.

For those sensitive to nail products, all Shellac products are formulated without toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene, or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

Shellac has an effortless glide on application, 14+ days of high shine, and high performance, with no nail damage. Removal time is based on the Shellac Top Coat used during application; Express Shellac can be removed in 5 minutes, original Shellac in 8 minutes, and Duraforce in 15 minutes.

The next time you’re thinking about getting your nails done, consider making your appointment here at Schenden’s Medical Day Spa in Troy, you will not be disappointed in the selection of product we have to offer, our service and the quiet, professional atmosphere.

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Shellac Manicure – join the new trend in manicures!

Have you heard about the newest trend in nails? If you haven’t it is time you learn about Shellac, how amazing it is, how long it lasts, how affordable it is and how little time it takes out of your schedule. It is hard finding time to schedule that weekly manicure or find time for yourself in general, which is why we are so excited about the new product that is revolutionizing the nail industry and making your nails shine for weeks!Normal manicures dull in just a few days, but Shellac is different. It is a gel-polish hybrid that last up to two weeks. It goes on similarly to nail regular polish and is cured under a UV light like a gel nail product, leaving your nails beautifully manicured and virtually indestructible! Typically the shine and shimmer will last nearly 14 days – you gotta love that. No more dull chipped nails.

Shellac cannot be used to lengthen your nails, but it will help you grow them by keeping them strong and flexible. A shorter, natural nail is definitely on trend and more appropriate these days. So, say goodbye to those acrylics and get Shellac’d!

Another Bonus! – there is no more waiting hours for your manicure to dry! Since it is cured under the UV light it is dry nearly instantly, so you can move on with your day without worrying about damaging your nails. Having it removed is also simple and can be done quickly at the spa right before you have Shellac re-applied!

You can see why Shellac is becoming so popular and the new trend in nails. Expect to pay a bit more than your typical manicure for this product, but it is SOOOO worth it considering how long it lasts and how great it looks for weeks! If you are considering Shellac or another nail treatment such as a manicure or pedicure contact the spa at 248.524.3622.