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Massage Therapy


Nail Treatments

Spa Treatments

Schendenís Spa massage therapists will customize your massage based on individual needs for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief or a combination of all three. Relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and improve circulation.

Swedish Massage
Full body massage with long flowing strokes designed to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. 
60 minutes - $80 
90 minutes - $120

Couples Swedish Massage
60 minutes - $160
90 minutes - $240

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage
Full body massage combines traditional massage techniques, while incorporating hot herbal compress treatment on the body. The hot compresses are ideal for alleviating pain, arthritis, migraines and chronic stress.  The blend of traditional Thai herbs in the compresses have a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and mind.
75 minutes - $140

5-Star Swedish Massage 2
Full body Swedish massage with long flowing strokes, complete with a sampling of hot stones and aromatherapy.
60 minutes - $100
90 minutes - $140

Deep Tissue Massage or Therapeutic Massage
Full body massage with specialized techniques (acupressure, stretching, neuromuscular, etc.) for targeted problem areas, such as neck, lower back, hip, sciatic nerve problems, shoulders, etc. 
60 minutes - $95 
90 minutes - $140

Hot Stone Massage
An ancient art of healing involving the use of heated stones applied to the body. This comprehensive hot stone massage brings relief to tense muscles and promotes increased circulation. This massage incorporates heated stones to relax and rejuvenate all major muscle groups. 
75 minutes - $120

Body Polish
An exfoliating treatment for the body. Gently buff away dryness, leaving soft, smooth skin.
45 minutes - $75

Body Polish Add on
30 minutes - $50

Maternity Massage
Soothe back, legs, shoulders and hips during any stage of pregnancy. A doctor's note is required.
60 minutes - $80

Hand or Foot Reflexology
30 minutes - $65

Express Massage 
30 minutes - $60

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FAQs About Massage Therapy


What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit?
Your massage therapist will ask you to fill out a health history form. The therapist will ask you a few general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed and to determine what type of massage is appropriate for you.

Where will my massage session take place?
Your massage will take place in a warm, comfortable, quiet room. Soft music will be played to help you relax. You will lie on a table especially designed for your comfort.

What do I wear during the massage?
At Schendenís Spa we say, ďundress to your level of comfortĒ, but what does that really mean? For a full body massage, most people undress completely, however, you may choose to wear underwear. Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress and you will be draped with a sheet and blanket at all times except the area being worked on.

What do I do during a massage therapy treatment?
Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It's up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions or ask for more firm or lighter touch at any time.

What if I'm overweight or embarrassed about my body?
Schendenís Spa massage therapists have seen bodies in every imaginable shape and size. Professional therapists provide the gift of massage to men and women regardless of age and weight. They are thinking about the health of your body, not the size or shape.

When should I get a massage?
Any time is a good time to get a massage. You don't need to wait until you're stressed or injured. Massage works as preventive care for a person's body and mind. A regular massage is a wonderful way to cope with both physical and emotional stress.

What does massage do - other than feel good?
Scientific study has proven many of the healing aspects of massage listed here:

  • Stretches superficial tissue.
  • Assists lymphatic and venous flow.
  • Helps to break up and loosen subcutaneous scar tissue.
  • Increases nutrition to the cells and skin.
  • Increases the red and white blood cell count.
  • Can help reduce certain types of edema.
  • Increases respiration to the skin.
  • Stimulates the sensory receptors (nerves) of the skin and deeper tissue.
  • Relieves joint ache and pain.
  • Promotes good posture and self esteem.
  • Improves tone and texture of the skin.
  • Assists digestion.
  • Causes release of natural endorphins and promotes relaxation.

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Known for our Brazilian bikini waxing and expert eyebrow sculpting, Schendenís Spa uses the highest quality wax to accommodate even the most sensitive skin types. Waxing services are available for nearly all areas:  Bikini, lip, chin, nose, legs, back, chest, arms and ears.



Arms & Hands
1/2 Arm      
Full Arm      
Under Arm   
Forearm w/Hand
Bikini Waxing
Panty Line   
Bikini Shape 

1/2 Leg               
Full Leg               






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Nail Treatments

European Pedicure
Relax on a comfortable pedicure bed with warm herbal eye and neck packs while receiving a soothing soak, foot scrub to eliminate dry cracked heels. Nail grooming, polish application, lower leg and foot massage complete this wonderful service.
60 minutes - $65

Express Pedicure
Soothing foot soak, nail grooming, foot massage, and polish application, while reclining on a comfortable pedicure bed.
30 minutes - $45

Hand and cuticle care, nail shaping, exfoliating treatment with hot towels, hand and arm massage, and polish application.
30 minutes - $30

Vinylux Manicure
Our signature manicure with a Vinylux polish application. A longer wearing polish with a fast dry time.
30 minutes - $35

Up to 14-day wear, zero dry time, and mirror finish. Our signature manicure with a shellac polish application.
60 minutes - $40

Soothe your hands or feet with a warm paraffin wax treatment to lock in moisture and soften skin
15 minutes - $10


Add any of the following to customize your nail treatment:

  • Hot Stone Experience $10 - Warm stones included as part of the European pedicure massage.

  • French Manicure Polish (hands or feet) $10

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FAQs About Manicures & Pedicures

Why should I take the time to have my nails professionally manicured?
Well-groomed nails are an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. The cost is quite reasonable, and the results are well worth it.

How long will a basic manicure or pedicure last?
A basic manicure will last one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle. If, for example, you work in the garden without gloves, your manicure probably won't last long. Most clients schedule pedicures every 4 to 6 weeks.

Why do nails split or become yellow?
Nails can split or yellow for a number of reasons. Excessive exposure to the elements or chemicals, poor diet, nail biting and other habits can be the cause. To strengthen nails, use OPIís Nail Envyô Natural Nail Hardener available at Schendenís Spa.

Does Schendenís Spa follow conscientious sanitation steps?
Absolutely! Nail technicians thoroughly disinfect all implements and surfaces prior to each client's appointment. Technicians also practice a thorough hand sanitation regimen to prevent the spread of germs and fungi.

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